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Agricultural prices are the hot money to blame?

This year, our garlic, green beans, apples and some other farm products are broad based market.

Many people believe that the prices of agricultural products rose significantly deviate from the law of value, is the hot money speculation "to blame."

Some people think that hot money is not able to these products "all speculation again", mainly because many countries the world a lot of money to stimulate the economy caused by issuing broad based commodity prices, many people have been "money illusion" by the deception.

Garlic as long as two years to do business, have made a fortune, make one to two million a year is equal to no money.

This year, our garlic, green beans, apples, a wave of rising prices for some agricultural products, "the garlic you are ruthless," "beans you play," "What apple" and an endless stream of new term. Reporter discovered that some agricultural prices, most dealers and farmers to benefit quite good.

Ocean Spring is the beginning of Heze City, Shandong Province Chengwu, from 2008 onwards distribution of garlic, two-year cumulative profit of 400 million. "As long as two years to do business garlic, have made a fortune, make one to two million a year is equal to no money." Early Ocean Spring said.

Although there is no distribution of profits of garlic, cabbage, apples and other agricultural products dealers profit is not small. Yu Rong Food Co., Ltd. Rushan Shandong Peninsula is the largest manufacturer of Korean kimchi, general manager Wang Xizhong told reporters that because the South Korean happen "kimchi crisis", the recent profit nearly doubled in September. "

In addition to dealers, the rise in prices of agricultural products from the current round was also tasted the sweetness of farmers. Known as the "hometown of Chinese garlic" Jinxiang County, Shandong Province, an acre of garlic, garlic agriculture kinds of net income in 5800 yuan, earn more than 3,000 yuan last year.

Although agricultural prices to dealers and farmers happy, but there are still a lot of insight expressed concern. Agricultural Products Logistics Park in China Shouguang Vegetable Trading Manager Zhang Nan said that in recent years is a regular agricultural market fluctuations, the general performance of the "price of agricultural prices are low - less cultivation - the price increase - to expand cultivation - prices are low agricultural prices." Once this year's high prices continue to rise, may stimulate farmers to expand Chinese cabbage, garlic, green beans and other crops cultivated area, leading to annual increases, lower prices, there prices are low agricultural prices.

Expensive to eat cabbage, potatoes, apples can be expensive pears are not suitable for hot money speculation.

The face of some agricultural products, "you Changba my debut," turns up, "hot money speculation" is a lot of people regarded as the rising prices of agricultural products "universal reason." However, some experts and industry insiders do not agree.

Shandong Academy of Social Sciences group of economic experts Feng Li pointed out that the agricultural products suitable for hot money speculation often have the following characteristics: production of small, cut, producing concentrated, storable, demand rigidity, the state should not control other, in addition to green beans, garlic and a few other species outside , such as cabbage, apples, most of the agricultural produce scattered yield larger and stronger alternative - "Eat more expensive cabbage, potatoes, apples can be expensive Chili" is not suitable for hot money speculation.

Many in the industry have told reporters reflect just a listing of some agricultural products this year, which enjoys a record high prices, which with the hot money speculation, "low stock, high ship" does not match the modus operandi.

Logistics Park in China Shouguang vegetable farm manager of trading at the South do not agree that "hot money speculation, said." "High prices of cabbage this year for example, in October of emergency Korea imported from China cabbage, Chinese cabbage spur short-term prices. But look at the winter sales season, some cabbage, both the main producing area and yield reduction, at the same time , cabbage cultivation and transportation costs both rose, cabbage is the main reason for rising prices. "

In fact, in addition to garlic, green beans and a handful of agricultural products, but by many people repeatedly mentioned the "hot money speculation," seem to have become "heard or touched" and "legend." NBS chief economist Yao Jingyuan told reporters earlier, also said agricultural products are fresh, have a certain shelf life, not high value-added, do not have the characteristics of investment goods, there is currently no evidence that hot money has poured into the agricultural market .

Mao felt a lot of money, 100 dollars soon after breaking open flowers gone.

Interview, many industry insiders believe that this year, prices of agricultural products, except for a few species actually cut tolls, the main reason of which is overly abundant liquidity on the market, causing prices of some raw materials and basic products, broad based, many people were This "money illusion" by the deception.

Since the international financial crisis, to stimulate the economy to recover quickly, the world's countries have taken an extremely loose monetary policy, issuing a large number of currencies. China is no exception. According to the National Bureau of Statistics released the 2009 statistical bulletin of economic and social development, the end of 2009 China's broad money supply (M2) amounted to 60.6 trillion yuan, up 27.7% over the previous year; narrow money supply (M1 ) amounted to 22 trillion yuan, up 32.4%; cash in circulation (M0) amounted to 3.8 trillion yuan, up 11.8%.

People have for the currency in circulation increased intuitive feelings. Perennial in vegetable transport truck drivers Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province, said Wang Qiang, a terrible price increases this year, and even a few cents a pound of cabbage in previous years have sold a couple of dollars, I feel the money, "Mao," a lot, 100 dollars "break open" soon after the flowers gone.

It is noteworthy that the central bank is aware of the current risk of inflation, decided to play from October 20 financial institutions in one year benchmark deposit rate by 0.25 percentage points, the one-year benchmark lending rate by 0.25 percentage points. State Statistical Bureau spokesman Sheng to Win told reporters earlier that the central bank to raise interest rates to strengthen liquidity management, curb inflation and improve macroeconomic regulation to promote structural adjustment will have a positive impact.


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